Turf Talk: Value Season Focus

The value season is time to repair some of those areas that got damaged during this last summer. The combination of the heat stress, high traffic and a small area made this area unplayable.

We have grown new grass on this walk on and now added a product called “Track Matt”. The idea with this product is to have good quality grass in place then put the matt down and let the grass grow through it. This will allow the crown of the plant to be fully protected and keep grass growing. When you see these on the course they will be considered “ground under repair”. By next spring the grass will have grown throughout the matt and we should see the ball rolling off this walk on area. We will be adding these to more walk on areas now and in the spring.

Winter tee locations are now in effect. We have moved a lot of these locations to the most forward of tees to allow for leveling, seeding and other cultural practices of the most highly used areas. 

The bunkers had a full service over the last 2 weeks with weeds pulled, sand depth checked and moved as needed and the fully raked. Your help raking the bunker is appreciated.

Frost delays will be happening over this winter. Our grounds monitor this very closely and will only open the course when no damage can be expected. 

We hope to see you out there enjoying Highland Pacific and all that it has to offer.

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