2022 HP Club Championship

Poontra Isarasakdi defend his title in 2022

2022 HP Club Championship

The 2022 HP Club Championship was staged on a beautifully sunny weekend this past August 27th and 28th, 2022. Amid the nerves and fear of humiliation, fifty-one HP faithful turned out to test their skill against the Pacific and Highland courses which were both tuned up to reflect pristine conditions. Congratulations to everyone that played and especially to those who claimed victory in their respective flights!

2022 HP Club Championship Results

Ladies Championship

1st Low Gross- Ginny Storey (176)

2nd Low Gross- Olivia Sabnal (179)

1st Low Net- Eunice Fast (146)

2nd Low Net- Berte Marr (149)

Senior Ladies

1st Low Gross- Val Clarke (188)

2nd Low Gross- Deb Ottenbreit (200)

Men’s Championship- Blue Tees

1st Low Gross- Poontra Isarasakdi (146)

2nd Low Gross- Matt Maloney (160)

Men’s Handicap Flight- White Tees

1st Low Gross- Mike King (160)

2nd Low Gross- Rick Boomer (163)

1st Low Net- James Scholes

2nd Low Net- Chris Stachura-Lally

Men’s Senior Flight

1st Low GrossLarry Baichu (156)

2nd Low Gross- Yoshio Shimizu (163)

1st Low Net- Nick Sieirsen (140)

2nd low Net- Harry Hitchman (143)

Thank you everyone for playing and we look forward to an even better 2023!

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