April Turf Talk

The golf course is looking amazing for this time of year with many projects nearing completion. This article will outline what to expect over the next few weeks to make your golfing experience even better. Although it may seem to be disruptive, these turf-care practices are necessary for healthy turf. Please note the following springtime golf maintenance activities:

  • Fairways and tees are being aerated and top dressed. No cores are being pulled. 
  • The collars around the greens will be vertically cut and top dressed. This is done to firm them up.
  • The new tee’s that have been sodded should be open May 1st, 2024.
  • The driving range has been over seeded and fertilized. This with some warmer weather should help grow grass for a better presentation.
  • The pump on Highland #4 has been moved to supply us more water for the range and other areas that turn brown during the drought.
  • The bunkers on the course have been thoroughly refreshed with new sand. This should make the hazard easier to play from.
  • Course fertilizer and plant health products are being applied now. We have been modifying these products each year to improve the playing surfaces. This year we will be using a completely organic based fertilizer, or plant health product on our fairways. This is to improve the soil microbial population. This is a natural way of feeding the plants.

I have been asked several times lately “ how long until the holes are filled in on the green?” “What is taking so long?” “ Why did you do it now?”

We strive to complete this disruption to greens as early in the season as possible. In the past few years the temperature has been warmer and the greens have healed faster. This year we have completed this work but it has not warmed up. The evening temperatures below 10 degrees have slowed the recovery process of the greens. With higher temperatures as we move towards summer will result in outstanding course conditions!

Happy golfing from the maintenance team!

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