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By: Jeff Palmer, PGA of Canada Executive Professional, General Manager

From the Corner Office     By: Jeff Palmer, PGA of Canada Executive Professional, General Manager

The last few years have been an extraordinary time for learning new things at Highland Pacific Golf. Our team has been through so much as the pandemic forced us to embrace a growth mindset and try new things. We learned a lot about what used to work for our operation and what works best now that we are living in a COVID reality. I am very proud of our team and how they have handled the constant change and adapted to serve our HP loyalty players and guests alike.

One of the biggest things I believe we have learned from the last couple of years is that fundamentally Highland Pacific is all about the game of golf and all about keeping it simple for golfers. The facility at Highland Pacific Golf isn’t one that constantly needs to focus on filling restaurant seats or booking large events to fill space or meet a large hospitality overhead. Our owners built the course and the clubhouse to deliver a simple, repeatable and pure golf experience, one that is focused on fun, practice, learning and enjoyment of the game. The facility is standing up very well as the course, driving range and Academy have all seen a record number of visitors in the last two years.

So where do we go from here as we adapt to our new reality and as people return to doing other things other than golf? Our team will work hard on the sense of arrival to service new golfers, growing the game and adding value to the players that frequent Highland Pacific. We will do this by continuing to make improvements to the course, the range and to focus on offering innovative learning programs for all golfers with an emphasis on lowering the barriers to entry so that everyone feels welcome at the facility. I am excited about the sustainable future of the game in our city and am so proud to work at Highland Pacific Golf. I look forward to leading the team here for many years to come.

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