How the Pros Play: Highland 1

The Tee Shot:

We’re teeing off through the uprights of the trees into a wide open fairway. Don’t be afraid of this tee shot as we’re looking at a wide open fairway. Take dead aim at the bunker with a club that will go about 230 yards (From the blue tees). There isn’t much of an advantage of flying it over the bunker as the green slopes from front to back which makes for a tricky approach shot.

Approach Shot:

Let’s start by looking in the middle of the green. The majority of the green slopes to the right and from front to back. If the pin is in the back, we’re looking at a great chance for birdie. If the pin is in the front, we don’t need to get cute with it. We should make sure the ball doesn’t end up short as the chip shot up the hill is much more difficult than a putt of a chip from the middle of the green or off the back of the green. Anything past the front of the green is a win on the approach.


Let’s get out of here with a two putt max. The green doesn’t have too much break in it unless the pin is in the back left. Give it a good run to the hole and try and get us within three feet. Anything running past and around the hole has a good shot at going in.

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