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Backstory: Golfers may have noticed an upgrade to our range mats and balls in mid-April. We were please to update our offering after a very busy run. In late 2019 we ordered 700 dozen new range balls and due to high demand and a very busy season these were wearing down and going missing quite quickly. As a result we found that we needed more range balls than ever before. In February, 2020 we decided to double our order and placed an order for an additional 1200 dozen., There was only one challenge- we were ordering floater balls from China during a pandemic.
When we attempted to boost our order of range balls we discovered that there would be a delay due to the fact that production factories had closed due to the coronavirus.  Little did we know that production of range balls would be delayed for six months and would take more than a year to arrive. Since then supply chain issues have become a global issue with countless industries and consumers being affected. 

Current Story: We received our 1200 dozen of white logoed floaters in March 2021 and we were relieved to get them into rotation for our faithful golfers but we realized even before their arrival that our range business had grown so much that we needed even more balls. In February we had attempted to place another order to arrive in June but learned that our long time supplier in China had cancelled all future orders and had closed up shop. In a panic we reached out to our range supplier, Forestar, who informed us that they did, indeed, have new floating range balls in stock- the only thing is they are yellow without the HP logo.
Grappling with the idea of changing our branding on the range was difficult but the need fore more brand new range balls tipped the scales for us.

Future Story: Soon golfers will see a mix of our usual branded white range balls mixed with brand new yellow range balls. While we would not normally mix colors, as our presentation is very important to us, we need to do this ijn the short term to be able to operate in an efficient manner and provide quality balls for our customers. New yellow balls may be more enjoyable than dog eared white balls!
We appreciate the patience of our customers while we go through this yellow ball phase!

If you have any questions please contact jeff@highlandpacificgolf.com.

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