From the Corner Office: February 28, 2022

The last two years have been astoundingly busy. Tee times have been hard to come by, the course has been full and people are playing more golf than ever! Customers may be feeling frustration as a result of this high demand as they fight for tee times and see that the golf course has more divots, ball marks and general wear and tear as a result. But rest assured our owners are committed to the best possible product and invest big money each year into the golf course and operation to make it the best possible experience for customers of Highland Pacific Golf.

Over the last ten years our owners have approved over $1 million in golf course equipment replacements and enhancements. They have also spent $100 on kitchen and event space upgrades in the last three years. This year they have approved a club storage room enhancement, replacing the electric heaters with high powered gas heaters, new range machine dispensing hardware and software and they are reviewing a proposal to revamp the Academy teaching area. Golf is popular and profitable right now but even when it wasn’t Highland Pacific believed in re-investment into the property. Here are other improvements you will notice during the rest of the winter season:

●     Re-design and build of Pacific #1 tee complex. Our course designer, Chris Young, will be rebuilding the existing silver/green and white tee decks for a better playing surface and more space. In addition, a brand-new green/silver deck will be built approximately 30-yard forward of the existing decks.

●     Pacific #7 white/blue, green/silver tee deck will undergo a renovation increasing space an improving conditioning. Chris will relevel the existing tee and we will be expanding it to the players right hand side to increase the tee surface.

●     Highland #3 tee is going to be rebuilt and the hitting area will be enlarged.

●     Highland #5 greenside bunker is being removed to improve the playability of the hole for golfers of all abilities.

●     Highland #7 fairway bunker is being removed as it does not affect the playability of the hole. We will add a visual aiming point for golfer’s second shot. This could be a grass bunker or a tree and will depend on feed back from our course architect, Chris Young.

Geoff Sheffield will also be renovating drainage and turf conditions on the driving range, Soon, we will close some mornings to install drainage and a new split rail fence along the edge of the large pond. Geoff and his team will also over seed the range in the spring when warmer weather allows for better growing conditions.

We look forward to completing these many projects so that we might offer the best possible golf product this spring.

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