Callaway: The Golden Age of Tech and Golf

What a great time for Callaway and the sport of golf. Two of our star players, Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm, have just won the PGA Championship and US Open respectively. Phil has become the oldest player ever to win a major championship and Jon is a young up and comer with a lot of personality and heart. We are in a truly golden age.

I am particularly excited about Phil because he won the PGA Championship playing the Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf ball. Triple track is an alignment aid that is painted on the ball and is based on the science behind the verner acuity research that identified the red/blue/red track to be the optimum visual colors for aim and alignment. In fact, the verner acuity principle is used on aircraft carriers that help pilots align their landing. The Chrome Soft , with it’s lower compression has , has also become Callaway’s fastest selling golf ball. I play with the triple track and find the alignment aid works really great off the tee, not just with putting.

As far as our clubs go we are now second to none in terms of innovation and the production of the most technologically advanced products. We are big believers of using A.I to help us design our clubs and our supercomputer has been used in the design and production of the Epic series drivers. Basically this technology allows us to speed up the process from design to production. Before the use of A.I. companies used to use programs like Auto-Cad drawings to produce prototypes which slowed down the process of the production. We are now creating more consistent products in a shorter time frame to bring the best performing clubs to market.

Our mission at Callaway is simple. Callaway aims to be demonstrably superior and pleasingly different. Our CEO, Chip Brewer, has helped shift our culture from being cost conscious to ensuring we invest in Research and Development so that we can make the best performing products. We have seen our company expand our portfolio as well by purchasing or investing in companies like Ogio bags, Travis Mathew, Jack Wolfskin, and most recently Top Golf. Callaway is poised to make this golden age last and to help sustain the popularity of the game of golf .

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