2021 Maintenance Team

This is the core of the maintenance team at HP. that work year round to provide you with the best possible experience everyday. From left to right :

Ed Beauchemin: Ed has been with us since May of 2019. He comes with over 43 years of experience in  golf course maintenance. When Ed isn’t working on the course he often will be out golfing. Ed is a very talented golfer.

Josh Edgar, Assistant Superintendent: Josh has been with us since October 2017. He has over 10 year experience in golf course maintenance. Josh is our team member with a degree in “ Bachelor of Applied Science in golf course management”. Keep an eye on this guy he will be in this business for years to come.

Robert Flood (Bob): Has been with Highland Pacific since the beginning. He first worked on the construction crew, starting in 2005 and then onto the maintenance team. He is our Foreman. Bob is an extremely hard working man who is highly respected on this team. He is often seen working in the gardens.

Georg Ganguin: Georg has also been with HP since the beginning. He first worked on the construction crew and then to the driving range. Georg has a great sense of loyalty to HP and can often be seen working in the evening on the range and then back bright and early in the morning with the team.

Geoff Sheffield, Superintendent: Geoff has been with HP since 2006. He started as the Turf manager during construction and oversaw the grow in of of the golf course. Geoff has been in the golf and sports turf industry for 34 years.

Daisy: Geoff’s family Dog is our goose chaser and his loyal companion.

Steven Zoing: Steven came to HP from England in May of 2018. Steven has 9 years experience in the golf course maintenance business. He has a passion for music and his family.

Mike McLaughlin: The equipment manager, Mike has been with HP for 3.5 years now. He brings exceptional talent to maintaining our fleet of equipment. Mike came from the motorcycle industry where he established himself as a leader in the industry building custom bikes.

Sean Valikoski: Sean is our irrigation tech, he started with us last year. He brings 27 years of experience with him. Sean will often be seen digging up and repairing sprinklers. Sean also has a talent for carpentry. He is our Audubon coordinator along with Bob Flood, they will be placing “Purple Martin” nesting boxes on the pond edge of Highland #4 very soon.

An amazing group of guys with over 150 years combined knowledge in this wonderful industry.

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