Bird Count- June 21st

Two new bird species were added to he Highland Pacific checklist this morning; both are members of the flycatcher family. A Pacific-slope Flycatcher was singing constantly on the edge of the tall fir forest to the left side of Pacific 6; and a Willow Flycatcher was repeating his unique and diagnostic “Fitz-Bew” call not far from the Highland 2 tee box. Both were bordering the forests of Francis King Park. That brings the total number of species identified on or over the golf course to an impressive 91. We will keep looking for that 100th species.
Total Birds Identified:  183Total Species Identified:  33New Species Added:  2  (Pacific-slope Flycatcher and Willow Flycatcher, bringing the total to 91 species) Also important today was the number of species identified…33 in about 4 hours. This high number is a reflection of the favourable biodiversity of the habitat on and surrounding the golf course. And at this time of year, one can be pretty certain that virtually all of these birds are nesting right here! 
The saga of “nest blocking” by House Wrens continues. All four of our special boxes aimed at attracting Western Bluebirds  were again “stuffed to the rafters” with small twigs placed there by the wrens. However, the actual nesting phase has now begun; in three boxes, the occupant wrens (see photo) have diligently rearranged the internal furniture to create a deepcentral pit in which their actual nest of soft, insulating material now sits — tightly surrounded and protected by the twigs, which in turn are within a secure cedar box.
Also found today was a sleek 16-inch western garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis), adding to the concept of biodiversity.


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