Turf Talk: Eqiupment

It has been a busy off-season as we have been working hard on a multitude of projects. We have been fortunate to have received approval from our Board of Director’s on a number of upgrades and improvements including tee box, on course and driving range upgrades. I would also like to thank all of our loyal players this winter for your patience in playing from the winter tees. We are trying to manage the volume of play since our rounds have increased over 25% in the last three years. Temporary teeing areas will help to ensure that our tee boxes are in good playing conditions this spring.

Among the course and facility improvements that Jeff has listed in his article we have also been fortunate that our Board of Directors has approved significant equipment replacement over the last few years. We draft a 10-year equipment replacement proposal that is amended each year depending on mechanical failure and purchase new equipment that is used in maintaining the integrity of the golf course. Please note the items we have purchased to the tune of about a quarter of a million dollars over the past two years:

1 new Ventrax rough mower with 2 new blowers that attach to the Ventrax– this helps keep cart paths clean and fairways free of old divots and debris.

2 new Kubota RTV utility buggies– for hauling landscape materials and picking the range.

1 new Seppi mulching attachment for our excavator for invasive plant management– this helps us mulch heavy weeds such broom and blackberry bushes in hard to get to places.

2 new tee mowers- replacing our older tee mowers to keep the tees healthy year in and year out.

2 new fairway mowers– replacement vehicles for ensuring a great hitting surface.

Being proactive managing capital equipment replacement is a very important part of making sure the property can sustain the level of play that it does. We are committed to spending the necessary money to provide the best playing surfaces possible.

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