An HP Christmas Carol

By Josh Edgar

HP Maintenance Department

December 2020

Tis the season this December, and while it may not be the holiday season we envisioned at the beginning of the year, that has not stopped the Maintenance Team here at HP from creating a wish list! In the spirit of the season we thought we would make a list for you to check twice and sing along with, so grab a hot Nespresso from the Range Cafe and cue the music!

On the 12th day of Christmas HP Club Members gave to us…

Twelve hundred sprinklers,

Eleven hole-in-ones,

Ten back nine tee times,
Nine cups of coffee,

Eight sand-filled divots,
Seven thousand range balls,
Six feet apart,
Fiiiiiiiiive friendly waves!
Four carts per group,
Three drop zones,
Two ball marks fixed,
And a season with great golfing weather….

Happy Holidays from the HP Maintenance Team!!

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