Bryan’s Bird Watch: February 25, 2022

Another frosty day on the “closed” course. However, our wintering birds don’t mind…they are invariably well insulated. The “usual suspects” dominated, with no signs yet of a significant northward migration.

Total Birds Identified:  223

Total Species Identified:  23

New Species added:  Nil  (Total remains at 88)

A single, very secretive bird was flushed from the left side of Highland #6 fairway. The Wilson’s Snipe, although a fairly common winter bird here, is normally seen by very few people. Well camouflaged, it hunkers down in marshy grounds and wet edges as danger nears, but flushes rapidly when approached too closely, often uttering raspy, nasal notes. This is just my second sighting of this species on the golf course. Watch for this very long-billed shorebird bursting out of wet ditches and pond edges as you search for your “bad” drive.

American Robin

Over 200 birds identified in two hours sounds impressive, but the 84 American Wigeons on the driving range pond and 45 American Robins in two scattered groups made up half the crowd.

A pair of American Kestrels was again present on the rocky knoll separating Highland #5 and #6, and an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk was also in that area.

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